12 years ago, I first met Larry by a good friend that said he had found an excellent Harley mechanic that was good and reasonable. Little did I know at that time that it would turn into a great friendship and partnership in building I believe some of the best drivetrain Harley’s I could ask for!!! To date we have both collaborated in building 3 project bikes. The first was my 1993 Softail Custom. Larry and I use a Dave Mackie package which produced 97 hp from an 80 cubic inch motor. Very impressive for a small cubic inch motor. The second project was a 2002 Electra Glide Custom which we stripped and created 95 cubic inch Dave Mackie drivetrain which produced 103 hp which Harley Davidson calls the Street Glide to date. There were others doing the same thing at this time but I believe we were one of the first to come up with this great idea. Our latest project is a 2012 Street Glide which we have thrown all the marbles at and built a 124 cubic inch T-man package which produces 135 hp. All of these projects have out proven themselves by way of horsepower and durability. All of which have been driven on long trips to various locations with no issues. I will not let anyone else work or service any of my Harley’s, period. Larry Buie is the man to deal with for any Harley application from engine builds to service work and any parts additions need to complete your desires. Larry has been known to answer the phone at all hours for questions concerning Harley upgrades and has even help travelers in an emergency situation and talked their way back up and running. Again Larry has a vast knowledge on all aspects from drivetrains, Dyno tuning, custom body works, and electrical trouble shooting, problem solving and complete service work needs.  Larry is a very personal man and will advise you on solid dependable parts and workmanship. I know you will be very pleased with his competitive pricing for an outstanding customer- mechanic relationship........ Bryan Beckler,  Arlington Texas.  “Live Life Hair on Fire”